Chiron Retrograde + Mars In Cancer = TIME BOMB

"mars in cancer" These two astrological events make sense to me. Makes sense they happen on the same day, today. They fit together. Water symphony. Water in your ears. Going back in time. Time machine. Time bomb.

Have you ever thought about it that way? That Cancer is, in essence, A TIME BOMB but not the thing that blows up EXCEPT EMOTIONALLY (whether or not they keep it to themselves. They may blow up privately).

Chiron is in mystical no boundaries serve-or-suffer Pisces (going retrograde) and Mars is now in crusty grumpy cranky Cancer and YES I can say this because I am one of those grrr grumble grumble grumble but actually sweet as pie Cancers šŸ™‚ I always surprise people this way. I was at the store the other day and on the phone with a friend and he overheard me being nice to the cashier. “You’re so nice, so sweet.” Um, yeah. Why wouldn’t I be? LOL. I’m not some fucking savage (says the defensive Cancer but I didn’t actually say that. Still, some people’s perception of me never fails to amaze me).

"chiron retrograde" But have you ever known a Cancer who could let the past go? Oh Nooooooooooooooo (not unless they have some super AIR element mechanism in their chart like a pump that pumps out the saltwater tears).

You MUST take a look at your past.Ā I implore you! Your past where Chiron is transiting now, your Pisces House (Neptune is retro in this same house!). Chiron will trine Mars in Cancer (and other fast movers through the sign). Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Eat me. Drink me. Look at me. Truth found through looking closer but with Neptune eyes – through dreams, daydreams, meditation, visualization, keyholes, mystical moments, song, mantra, sounds of crinkling, leaves, late nights, underwater moonlight, wine. Yes, wine. Have a glass of wine (I’m not much of a drinker but perhaps I will indulge in honor of Cancer trine Neptune/Chiron). Swirl, stream, and tide.

"mercury conjunct mars" But what about this Time Bomb metaphor, Moon Pluto?Ā 

Well, here comes your chance to NOT ignite but instead to lay down and die. That’s another metaphor. What I mean is surrender. Swirl, stream, and tide surrender. Let memories flood you and then once you’re covered from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, covered in salt and seaweed and liquid past, send it all back, back to be part of the big sea (shout out to Y. who wants to read her Akashic Records). I recommend MUSIC for your journey. Neptune people tend to be VERY sensitive to music. I am.

I am listening to Lana Del Rey today. I tend to get a little obsessed and listen to artists non stop for a while. She’s a late Gemini Sun but Mercury and Mars in Cancer (like yours truly). This is probably one reason I love her music so much. I feel it washing over me, hypnotic. I also love the drama of her Moon in Leo. That comes through in the music too — atmospheric, cinematic. Haven’t looked it up, but I love whoever produces her records (yes I still call them records. I’m that old and I still think in terms of Side A/Side B). Undulations in her voice.

Mars in Cancer will trine Chiron in late July (easily theĀ entire last week of July). It’s my 7th House of that I’ll say no moreā€¦.