Chiron Retrograde June 16th: You Missed A Spot

I’m sitting in a Brooklyn diner killing time. I have a doctor’s appointment this morning. I’m a Virgo Rising and always early for appointments.

Chiron goes retrograde this Sunday in my 6th house so this could be a health matter that I finally solve or simply revisit. Gain new insight or healing. Find 13 degrees Pisces in YOUR chart.

Judging from how things went this morning, a new recommended specialist could be quite helpful to me.

Where the slow movers are in our charts (the houses they are transiting) is where we are chronic.

We keep having to confront some version of that energy/reality in our life in combination with….whatever else it is doing in our natal and in the sky.

Where’s your Chiron, natal and transiting? 

Happy rainy Thursday from the Big City

Love, MP


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