Chiron: It Hurts Where You Have It

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I’ve got Chiron in the 8th House and was thinking about Chiron in the 8th House today because I was thinking about Chiron in the 2nd House.


The 8th House Chiron must learn to share with others and will benefit from this. And I don’t mean “give gifts” to others.  I mean… share. Create an energy circuit.

I had a client recently with a 2nd House Chiron and I told her that spending money on herself, buying stuff for herself, would be a good thing — even if it felt kind of edgy itchy rotten for a while. Ultimately it would be good.

And maybe this would be “materialism” for someone else… but not for her, not for her chart (and of course there were other chart factors involved).

She said that it resonated for her and that she never spent money on herself.  (I hope she’s including herself on her Christmas list.)

So then I started to think about the reverse today, which includes me, the 8th House Chiron, the wound of intimacy. Trust is broken.

It’s almost as though the 8th House Chiron needs to become a feast for others, a banquet feast. Not a sacrifice but mutual feeding. And it is possible to be married and in a family environment and never show your true heart, true self. Doesn’t the 8th House ask that of us? To take off the mask?

The 8th House Chiron must leave the luxury of alone-ness and things and me-me-me and routines (Taurus is associated with the 2nd House) and move towards sharing, spiritual sharing which is the highest vibration of Scorpio (8th House).

An 8th House Chiron should give charity. Her energy shifts when she does this. The wound becomes, well, less woundy.

A 1st House Chiron may fear her true nature, never get to know it. That 2nd House Chiron didn’t allow herself to possess. The 3rd House Chiron feels no one listens or cannot speak. The 4th House Chiron: an almost unspeakable pain and longing for the mother/family.

5th House Chiron wants to have fun but is awkward. The 6th House Chiron is a healer. 7th House: the path to partnership is paved with…

8th House I’ve already been talking about. I see 9th House Chiron as a spiritual teacher but agoraphobic at times.  10th House Chiron also carries a family-wound but her/his magic is formidable.

11th House Chiron: undependable friends and afraid to dream. 12th House: you can’t even define your pain. It’s a long invisible howl.

These are just some quick free-associations. It’s always deeper than a simple blog-post, but still…

Feelin’ Chiron? 

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