Chiron In Synastry

"chiron in synastry"Okay, in the Creativity class going on now, I told the gals this:

“Your life is the frame and the painting. You really do have a say. About both of them. You can work together with fate. That is magic.”

And I believe it. Do you?

I want them to feel a little more empowered. Have a little more insight than when we started the class. That’s my hope. Because I feel more empowered. I have more insight 🙂

In other news 🙂 I was on the train tonight thinking about Chiron. About Chiron in synastry.

And realizing that Venus entering Virgo opposes Neptune and then Chiron. Souls who chose to be born these days are in for an interesting love journey wouldn’t you say? Especially with the Sun and Mercury in Libra. Will these souls partner with ghosts? (Venus opposing Neptune can love the fantasy more than the real.)

And I don’t have any fresh Chiron insights in this blog post. Wounded Healer is good enough for me. It’s that part of the chart where we feel fragile, vulnerable. Where we… don’t want to be teased.

So what happens if someone’s Moon is on your Chiron. Or their Venus. Or their Mars! Or their Sun, warming up your pain.

Is it an opportunity for healing? Or does it just hurt. A little of both? Mars may speed it up. Venus may soothe your wound. And the Moon may actually heal it. Wow. Imagine that. I keep thinking of that Velvet Underground song “I’ll Be Your Mirror.”

Oh. One other thought, not related to Chiron but it seems to be the case, in my life, that when I stop needing something (or someone), that that is when it shows up.

Don’t let Chiron overpower your love. I mean, I loved someone but his Chiron was stronger. I had to leave. Some people don’t want to be loved. Pain can keep others out. But it doesn’t have to.

What’s your Chiron news? 



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