Chiron Goes Direct November 19th (2013)

In one of the chat rooms we were talking about healing from past pain versus letting go of the idea of having to heal, needing to heal.

That maybe this… compulsion to solve it all, fix it all, causes even more problems sometimes.

Behavior though (thinking of my own) can sometimes be… lacking in skill or even self-destructive (and hurtful to others) and thus… we simply CANNOT remain the same… if we want to keep what we love.

And we do want to keep what we love, right? Ask yourself this question. What’s the answer? Have a conference with your Higher Self 🙂

One way to look at it: the sooner you accept that it CANNOT be fully healed, that it won’t be resolved, the better off you will be. Scars are beautiful. That this is it. The BEST you are. And good enough. Functional enough. Broken enough. Happy enough. Unhappy enough. You are love.

I was born on a Chiron station. Chiron stationing to go retrograde, to go back, turning back, looking behind. What I believe today: the universe does not care what I want. Instead, I have a purpose and the less I fight it, the more normal-type perks I will receive,  like love, like safety. That’s my vision of my life. What’s yours?

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.  Seigneur, faites de moi un instrument de votre paix.”

If you too have a prominent Chiron in your chart, please know that you are part human and part sacrifice. You probably feel this too. Maybe didn’t know what it was.  You don’t belong to this world and yet you must be here now 🙂 You must learn everything you can and help as you are able. Even one word can change someone’s life.

Chiron goes direct in late November at 9 degrees Pisces, making harmonious aspects to Mercury, the North Node, and Pluto. Many of my generation are under a nasty Pluto Chiron square at this time (Pluto in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries) so consider this the balm in Gilead.

Decided to draw a card for this weekend since I’ve got my deck out: Knight of Pentacles. No matter how long it takes, no matter how long it takes, no matter how long it takes. The cavalry is coming.

Love, MP


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