Chiron Goes Direct and Now What?

"saturn square neptune"I don’t know what to tell you about Chiron.

I mean, something that would be interesting to me and to you.

All the old phrases do not interest me so much and thus my struggle with astrology blogging these days. Chiron the Wounded Healer. What is interesting to me, of course, is you and where Chiron may be transiting in your chart and the aspects he is making but are Chiron transits ever good? I believe strongly in the difference between a trine and a square and yet — the rest of the chart will show if you are having a hard time or an easy time of it, with or without Chiron.

Chiron transits are healing transits but healing implies sickness. Wait. No. Just being here, alive, in a body, is enough to make us sick. We are born. We grow old. We get sick. We die. And not always in that order.

Oh Chiron you do make me feel gloomy. I blame you even though you station trine my Sun. You’re the least of my worries although perhaps I am ignoring your skill at suturing, your knowledge of the wild plants, your kind words from my Pisces House, my 7th.

Dear Chiron, how do *you* want me to honor you? 

I’m thinking that’s what today is for. To find out.


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