Chiron Dogs

"full moon eclipse in sagittarius" Today I was talking to someone who adopts “rescue-dogs” and she was mentioning how they still get triggered (responding to perceived danger/threat) even years later.

Certain physical gestures (probably tones of voice too) can bring them back, psychologically, to the hard times.

They’re wounded and I thought to myself “Chiron dogs.” We’re all Chiron dogs. We’ve all got Chiron somewhere. We all get triggered.

I was writing about this the other day: that if Chiron in the chart shows where you canNOT be completely healed, then what?

I forget who I was reading. Howard Sasportas I think — that you CAN heal the Saturn pains in your chart. But with Chiron? The gift that keeps on giving 😉

What is the solution? Love? Is that always the solution? Patience? Ask yourself: what does my such and such (insert personal chart details here) Chiron need to feel safe? How do you stop the triggers from… not triggering you, but… stop them from doing damage to your heart and self-esteem.

That person you think is hurting you may not really be intentionally hurting you but somehow, someway, reminding you of an old pain. When you feel hurt, leap to unpack it, rather than leap to return the hurt. Now THAT is one way to work with Chiron. Not easy to leap out of Chiron-mind but worthwhile.


Someone hurt my feelings today but I can choose. I can choose whether to have this person in my life and if so what role they will play. I can choose whether their traits are too… whatever... for me. You do make choices, don’t you? About what you allow in your life?

I get hurt in intimate situations. I just do. Chiron in the 8th House. Get close to me and you will not be rewarded with a cookie. You’ll get other stuff but not so many cookies.


Transiting Chiron is in Pisces. Transiting Neptune is in Pisces. These fellows are in the early degrees of Pisces. Where they are traveling in your chart will be where you feel, at times, vulnerable and, at times, confused. Mystical. Mystified. And ouch ouch ouch it hurts. Touch at your own risk. You may get bit.


What does a dog need? Structure, right? Saturn. Exercise. Mars. And love from others and I want to call this love from others, the ability to reliably love, as a Sun issue, not a Venus issue (Venus is usually identified as the “love planet.”)

So try this at home, folks, with your Chiron. Give him something to do. Give him a routine. Food, shelter, hugs. Definitely hug your Chiron dogs. Yeah, you could have more than one, a whole litter maybe…

Revisit your natal Chiron to find out what you should be doing.

Love, MP

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