Chiron Conjunct Saturn: News From MoonPlutoLand

"chiron conjunct saturn"Today is the last day of the first class and I was responding to a thread I started last night about Chiron.

I forget how we got to Chiron again because we were discussing him early on but something someone said about their 8th House Chiron (my placement as well) made me want to post Chiron again.

And I was going through people’s responses and someone mentioned her Chiron Saturn conjunction. I see this a lot in charts. Often in Pisces, yes.

And this is what I had to say, off the cuff, but I think the point is relevant:

Chiron Saturn feels ouchy to me. These are both pain-points in the chart, but different. It’s like Chiron is the right hand and Saturn is the left hand and they take turns smacking each other. 

But Saturn grows up. Saturn makes us grow up. And Chiron always stays little. The two of them together, conjunct, well… Saturn starts TAKING CARE of Chiron. 

And THAT is how you heal Chiron. With the love of the father (Saturn).


PS I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Virgo AND the new Private Forum/Message Board will be open tomorrow. If interested, email me. Small monthly fee! We are going month to month. As long as people stay interested, the room will be open 🙂 MoonPlutoLand The Sequel a.k.a. MoonPluto’s School for Magic and Healing 🙂

And this reminds me… in my tradition (Jewish), when 10 people come together to pray, it is said that the Shechina (God, God’s feminine presence) is among them. And when I meditate, my teacher always tells us that energy is raised in a group sitting together. That’s what this group is. There are more than 10 of us. We are raising some good good energy in there 🙂

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