Check Your Longing: A Cautionary Tale For Super-Neptunians

"venus in the 12th house"

I’ve written about this before but Pisces Season is bringing it up again.

What I want you to do is check your longing. And this post is addressed to Venus Neptune people. I am one of them. We are truly in Neptuneland now with the Sun, Neptune, Mercury, and Chiron in Pisces.  (And Athena but I don’t talk much about the gals around here. I suppose I should!)

The next time you feel that feeling for that guy or girl who isn’t really in a relationship with you even though you swear you’re in a relationship with him or her, check your longing. That longing you feel may be ALL YOURS  i.e. it’s YOUR beautiful love nature as opposed to… anything that THEY ARE DOING.

Really. It could be so. Try it. Check your perspective. Jupiter co-rules Pisces. You could be in love with love. You could be in love with YOU.

But more likely I think it’s your, yes, beautiful love nature (oh the longing!) that you are feeling and you are simply applying it to this human who is inspiring longing and pining in you and the only reason they are inspiring longing and pining in you is because THEY ARE NOT THERE. It is their absence which is the requirement for this particular love.

Venus in the 12th house and Venus Neptune people even more than most I would argue need Saturn, need reality, contact, touch. Because they CAN live a long time in fantasy, in the dream but then they wake up from the dream and they’re alone.

The signal for me that something isn’t quite right is when I start to feel that feeling. Not necessarily idealization of the lover but that ache, the longing and the pining and the endless distance. It’s like a fish just caught, flip flopping in infinity on the dock. And then it dies.

Don’t be a dead fish, okay?


Did you set your New Moon intentions yet?

PS James Joyce (pictured above) had Venus square Neptune and wrote, among other works, the short story collection Dubliners. Read it.

Edited to Add: Venus Neptune people WILL long and pine. That’s their nature. That’s fine. Thing is.. just make sure there is MORE to your relationship than longing and pining and hoping and dreaming and wanting and waiting. Can your sweet Neptuney relationship withstand the Saturn reality test? An important point I forgot to make and Mitraya in the comments inspired me to add this!

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