Chart Reading: Putting It Together And Using Myself As An Example

"new moon in aquarius 2012"
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I was finishing up a Tarot reading for someone this morning and starting thinking about fear, my own, and I can’t remember how I… started thinking about it so I decided to look at today’s planets and degrees and see where we’re at.

There’s a dark energy, dark mood, moving through me and I think it *may* be my own transits.

Also, this mood has to do with *other people* i.e. other people’s energies (the opposition!) — I’ve been soaking up other energy the last 24 hours and I don’t mean by doing readings, I mean Real Life i.e. dealing with Men and what they want, or don’t want, from me.

People, you must always ask yourself: what do YOU want? Don’t let someone’s projections or expectations take the place of YOU.

So here’s quick run through of a few things that I see:

First thing: the Sun in Capricorn opposing my Mercury and Mars in Cancer.

The Sun = Men, the male principle, the father! Authority. Control. Fear (Sun in Saturn-ruled Capricorn). Also decision-making because Saturn is in Libra. Also strife because it’s an opposition. A battle and the Cancer-Capricorn battle is parent vs parent. Me vs. You.

Oppositions are unsettling energy from outside us. They push us *to deal* with ourselves, with others. My chart has very few oppositions. In fact, my personal planets make NO oppositions at all. So when I receive this energy, I need to pull back and… understand it and figure out what action to take.

The Moon at 1 degree Libra, opposing my progressed Moon in Aries and transiting Uranus, and already in conjunction (applying to) my natal Uranus: emotions are unpredictable, fluctuating, flying around, electric, spooky even. And all this in regards to relationships: Libra Libra Libra which means that the transiting Moon will eventually conjunct Saturn in Libra at the last degree. So we have that to look forward to HA!

Venus is in Pisces, has just entered Pisces, and sits on my North Node in Pisces, nearing my descendent. Again, relationships come to mind. And they hurt they hurt they hurt: transiting Venus conjunct transiting Chiron (the wound). 

Mars in Virgo conjunct my Moon and Pluto: the usual emotional intensity that I live with daily gets bigger and faster and feels uncomfortable. Too Much Mars for this sideways Mars in Cancer. This transit at first energized me amazingly (Mars through my 1st) but now I’m just feeling tired from it — need to recover, and I will recover when Mars retrogrades!

So here’s your assignment. Go to or some other website with the planetary degrees and go through your own natal and measure out your transits and make MEANING of them. TELL YOUR STORY. Tell it to yourself, tell it here, tell it anywhere, just TELL IT. 

And if you want *me* to show you these skills, and you live in NYC, we can meet-up for lessons. Once you have the chart in your hands, you will see that it is not so hard. And I’m sorry if the above was confusing but at least you can witness, more or less, some of my thought process. I know I make leaps, but you will too. You will put it together.

And if you read over what I wrote above, you will see a couple common themes 1) relationships/other people   2) emotions running high

If I hadn’t of typed this out, I wouldn’t have seen it so clearly. But that’s how it works *for me*.


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