Chart Reading Lesson # 548

Use your knowledge, everything you’ve learned, from books, from classes, from people, from personal experience, but also use your intuition.

For example, you may be looking at someone’s chart and see transiting Saturn through the 2nd House and you may think to yourself:

Self! That person is going to lose a job! They will cry! They will feel oppressed! Afraid!

But remember this, budding astrologer: that Saturn, instead, may compel that person to get serious (Saturn) about work, mature (Saturn) about money. They may work harder than ever. Or not. 😉

Most likely work will change. Out with the old, in with the new. And Saturn does indeed reward Hard Work so yes count on a cookie or two if you really commit.

But don’t see a Saturn transit (EVEN IF it makes squares or oppositions to the natal) and assume BAD or assume HARD (in any kind of typical way).

Someone could have a liberating Saturn transit or a transformative Saturn transit or a beautiful Saturn transit. Will there be a death of some kind? Probably.

Remember: Saturn co-rules Aquarius! Think outside the box when you look at charts. Use you intuition. Use your imagination.

Edgar Cayce spoke often of using the “imaginative forces.”  Do not feel limited by any textbook or any website or anything I say 🙂 Go deeper.

Come to think of it, Saturn in Scorpio will be EXCELLENT for this kind of work. It will make Astro-Detectives of us all.


Love, MP

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