Chanukah Meditation no. 1

chanukah menorah

I love Chanukah. It’s one of my favorite Jewish holidays. Or Hanukkah. Or Hanukah. However you prefer to spell it 🙂

And this year Christmas falls during the Chanukah holiday so that’s doubleplusgood if you, like me, like holidays.

And Chanukah involves a nightly candle ritual which is also doubleplusgood if you, like me, love candles.

My Menorah is in storage though and it’s probably time to buy a new one — or pick up one of those very cheap tin ones that the stores sell this time of year.

When Saturn in Virgo was squashing my Moon and Pluto (with transiting Uranus opposing) EVERYTHING went into storage. Almost everything. It was a fast unpleasant emotionally messy move but from a place I hated more than anything in the world — which is why I pray that the tests in this life be easy. Some points we don’t really need driven home. Or do we? 

So consider this post the first of my Chanukah Meditations this holiday season, a holiday of dedication, miracles and lights and fried food and olive oil and the mystery of the candles.

By custom, one is supposed to cease working, even the woman of the house who was thought to be always immersed in housework 😉 that she should sit and watch the candles burn. Fine company. Just like with the Tarot that I was talking about the other day, the candles become your friends on those nights.

I also like the way this year (I think — I need to doublecheck) Sagittarius becomes Capricorn during Chanukah. The Jewish calendar is Lunar so the dates change each year…

It’s a funny sky right now: earth and fire. You may think your world would burn down if you weren’t careful but no — there really is something to hold onto. Even if that thing is… a light. An idea. A memory.

Gloomy weather today. Looks like rain. And I am behaving accordingly. Slowing down my routines. Just for today. Maybe. Mars in Virgo actually sitting still for a moment. Still need to head out later but I may sit a while longer than usual. Meditate. Watch the cats who are watching the squirrels out the window.

And prepare for Chanukah if only on the inside and isn’t that where the meaty meaning of holidays takes place anyway?

On the inside: feeling, spirit.

What do you celebrate? 

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