Ceres: Fertility, Creativity, And The Word-Seed

"ceres"About Ceres, creation, and the creative spirit:

Just start by saying the words.

“Let there be light and there was light.” Simple, right?

If you are having trouble manifesting what you want, if you find that you can’t move easily from air and fire to water and earth, then SAY IT.

In Bereshis (Genesis) God calls the world into being. And if we are made in God’s image (and take it as a myth, a story. Doesn’t have to be literal okay?) then we can mimic his/her/its creative process. Right?

For example, I decided that I want to start a theatre company. Just like that. Start one. So I told people. All I need is a name to start. A name and it exists.

Saying the words makes it real. The first level of real. Creating this “company,” this “idea,” is making a FRAME for the creative spark.

Makes me think of Saturn (form) and Neptune (spirit). That’s what a body is.

Love, MP

Ceres Part One