Caution, Fellow Stargazers: Don’t Take The Bait!

"john locke"
the sky is volatile so sit still and wait it out

Under this sky, you could lose it all in a minute so if you are feeling stressed or angsty, I caution you to be careful, mind your temper, mind  your manners. I almost lost a couple things yesterday and was able to backtrack and make peace but I fear I did damage in one department and I feel badly now.

Is it souless and irresponsible to “blame” the transits? I can’t deny that I was wound up and in some instances was provoked absolutely. But I took the bait. Even my OWN bait. That’s what our patterns ARE.

So that’s today’s wisdom: if someone pushes you? Don’t push back. Pull a Jesus. Turn the other cheek. Look away, walk away. Because with the current sky, so very volatile, there’s just no way to know what you might lose in an instant.Forget Instant Karma. This could be Instant Regret.

My Advice? BE the Capricorn Moon: be stingy 😉 Be reserved. Keep control. Keep a lid on. Master your emotions. Limit your emotions. Err on the side of caution and Saturn so that when it all blows over, at least this leg of it, you’ll find yourself, your life, your love intact.

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