Capricorn Season: Bowing To Fear

As I work with my own fear, as I plan my upcoming meditation class, people are writing to me about their fears. Not a coincidence. The Divine is always speaking. And I’m not talking about my life only. Yours too. If you listen. If you pay attention.

Meditation is listening.

I went to lay down in the mid-afternoon. It isn’t just a Cancer-needs-a-nap thing but I need to unplug each day, more than once. Get away from the computer and the energy that comes via email and social networking. I am grateful for it all but then need times to disconnect.

I decided to look for some Jack Kornfield videos on YouTube to rest with (and I actually did rest, really!). And within a minute, this one video completely reframed my fear, how I think about fear.

I’ve suggested to clients before to take their fear in their arms, like a baby. Or whatever uncomfortable feeling they were having. But Mr. Kornfield suggested bowing to the fear. Respecting it. Giving it its due. I liked this because it wasn’t feeding the fear or hiding from it, but acknowledging it. Yes, you exist. Yes, you are powerful. Not pushing it away.

And then he went one step further and I found this in a different video. He was talking about a technique where you remember something wonderful, some wonderful time in your life, and holding on to that feeling. Putting that feeling in your body so that you remember that you are more than just the fear feeling (my paraphrase). But the revelation for me was when I realized that in my body, they occupy the same space. My heart chakra. My heart. That’s where my fear-pain was. And when I tried to locate the love, it was there too.

What you have to do, he said, is love your fear. Bow to it.

We are still in Capricorn Season which means Saturn and fear and I wouldn’t be surprised if Saturn rules the bow, showing respect.

Do you live in fear? You don’t have to.


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