Capricorn Moon, Venus In The 12th, And How Do You Slow Down?

"moon pluto conjunct"

The Moon is in Capricorn as I write this…

And lately I wake up in the morning and I think of Miami.

Today’s letter is the letter M…


Miami is synonomous with Mother for me and I have to blog here and release my thoughts and memories and feelings before I begin my 1st scheduled reading and the memories, if I can even call them that, come quickly, and not in story-form.

But they are clear, clear… smells or… how to describe it? As if they are here or I am back there but NO that’s not it. It’s as if we are all together in some kind of… “inbetween time and place” — between currently reality and the past. Where is that? Heaven?

I think I’ll call it presence. I feel their presence. Ce’st tout. And then I hear seagulls. My mother loved seagulls.

And I don’t mean to create some kind of false Normal Rockwell. My family life was not ideal but as I make my coffee and the memories arrive they are benign. Nothing “bad” about them at all. In fact it feels good. As though finally we’ve all reached our peace.


Two more things I wanted to mention in this hodge podge of a post and here’s the second and it’s a question: what do you do when you feel overwhelmed? When overwhelm has snuck inside you, uninvited guest.

I’m going to tell you what I do:

1. slow down. Overwhelm for me often has to do with rushing and this can be mental as well as physical and

2. I align myself with Spirit (or God or Service, however you want to describe it). I remind myself that I am not acting alone. That whatever I am doing, it is God’s work — God is part of it. Whether I am doing a reading or feeding the cat or going for a walk… To remind myself to lessen the distance between Spirit and me.

So it’s not about escape from worry. It’s actually a very active mental process, it’s REAL – and one time isn’t a charm. It must be done daily sometimes. Virgo South Node requires this.

These “solutions” work for me, for my chart. For you it could be something else. But if you have a very Virgo/Pisces axis kind of chart like mine, filled with worry, this may help you to relieve some of your fear, worry, doubt. Complete alignment. As complete as you can make it. Close the distance.

But again, it’s not about transcendence at all. It is, actually, about partnership. But with the Divine.

My Virgo South Node is in my 12th House. ย And, listen, we don’t get rid of our South Node. It still requires our mastery. The South Node is where we can fall into old habits and patterns so this material, these lessons, are still ours.

Yeah this is what I think of first thing in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a dear friend who grunts for the first hour in the morning and will text me single words to let me know he’s awake and alive.


And the 3rd thing on my Virgo Moon to-do list: continuing some thoughts on Venus in the 12th House. How Venus in the 12th House redeems herself from the 12th is by REFUSING to be anyone’s secret.


So there you have it. The Moon is in Capricorn. Here’s something to think about in regards to the Moon’s placement in this sign:

Capricorn rules, among other things, abandoned places, attics, barren ground, basements, bricks, caves, cement…

What this tells me is that Capricorn can and will build but needs help filling it in. That’s where Cancer comes in, Capricorn’s opposite. These signs need each other. The skeleton (Cap rules bones) needs the nurturing of the flesh (Cancer rules the breasts).

So you Cancer boys and girls with Cappy loves in your life, remember that. Part of YOUR job is to soften the world around, and for, the Capricorn.

Share your first-thing-in-the-morning-thoughts here!


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