Capricorn and Leo Compatibility

Capricorn governs the things of the body that break, but don’t break us: skin and bone. Leo, on the other hand, rules the heart 🙂

In a battle of wills between these two, who would win? And would that battle keep love from staying the night?

I see these signs as both strong and stubborn. Prideful Leo’s sense of play could soften ambitious Cap’s sense of duty. And Cap could teach Leo a thing or two (or three) about setting and achieving goals. Leo could lend a little sunshine to Cap’s sour expression. And Cap could, well, help Leo save a little money at the market 🙂

It was surely a Venus in Capricorn who first said: why marry a poor man when you can marry a rich man. Lucky for her, Leo is generous with what he has.

My opinion? Although others may find this domineering rockstar power-couple a little overbearing, I say go for it!

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