Can’t Find The Lesson? Another One For The Full Moon In Cancer

"full moon in cancer"When you can’t find the lesson, you get frustrated. Why didn’t you get what you wanted? Or, why did the bad thing happen?

And you can apply this to little things that hurt or the big things.Β And it’s not like you didn’t try to fix it. You did. We all have Virgo (self-improvement!) somewhere in our charts πŸ˜‰

It’s a cliche by now to say that Saturn in Scorpio compels us to go deeper into what hurts us and why, compels us because the ugly stuff is coming up again, the return of the repressed.

Imagine a situation of lost love. That you pushed someone away. And you tried to get them back. Or maybe they died. It’s over. And life has this weird habit of continuing on no matter how much you hurt. Your world stopped but the rest of the world didn’t.

If you are a creative person, you may think: I must build a monument to this love. A monument of screams because I cannot stop screaming on the inside. Screaming fills up the empty space.

The good news πŸ™‚ is that the Full Moon in Cancer is a cosmic expectorant. Feelings will arise and lead you to the “lesson,” what you need to know, but you have to follow them back. See, someone hurt you this bad before, early on, and it’s taken root and has been growing all this time, wild weed,Β and like a good little Saturn in Scorpio soldier, your job is to yank that fucker out and look at it and say “Hey. You. I’m here now. Here to stay.”

One other piece of advice: if you want to make contact with someone who’s gone, living or dead, send a message. This week is a good for that. Not just because of Christmas and Mars entering less emotional Aquarius but the Sun (you) will conjunct Pluto (your power) this Sunday. We are already under the influence of this transit. Sun conjunct Pluto is an end, yes, but also a beginning.


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