Candy For Your Journey La La La

Enjoy and look forward to this, my beginning-of-Aries-Season-end-of-March friends 🙂

Mercury conjunct Neptune, exact on the 22nd (tomorrow)
Mercury trine Jupiter, exact on the 26th
Mercury sextile Pluto! exact on the 27th
Venus trine Mars, exact on the 29th (Venus also squares Saturn this day but shhh)

I’m giving you some candy here, some sweet and light 🙂

Mercury and Neptune together will let you sail away. Just close your eyes. Daydream and distraction is a bonafide technique!

Mercury trine Jupiter is an affirmation that is already TRUE & Mercury sextile Pluto is darker mind yes because it’s PLUTO but provides the bottom rung you need for the mental and emotional salvation of Mercury in Pisces trine Jupiter in Cancer.

Venus trine Mars is you looking good, feeling satisfied, feeling worthy, feeling attractive, and the soul searching about why you’re here and who you’re with on this journey is a bit less stank. You don’t fight with your therapist this day 😉

Telling you this stuff because the Sun now in Aries revs us up and those of us with Libra planets are already feeling the vroom vroom vroom and really since the Full Moon in Virgo if not a week or so before.

Some feel April will be a game changer, deal breaker, deal maker, game of Twister, End Times, and so on. I say don’t believe the hype and evaluate your own soul sitch. What are you feeling?

Love, MP

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