Cancer/Sagittarius Compatibility

And so begins my series on Romantic Compatibility. Please know that I’m probably not going to write about the obvious: water and water, earth and earth, fire and air, etc. I want to write about the weird. And what could be more weird than homey, homebody, oversensitive, mothering Cancer… with a smiling, strolling, adventure-seeking, space-cadeting Sagittarius! Surely I jest, but fear not young lovers; there is hope for you yet!

And I know you already know this, but you have to look at the WHOLE chart and especially the Moon sign. The Moon is how you feel, it’s your home, your memories, and, yes, the moon is your mother, but don’t you want your lover taking care of you when you are sick? I do! And no doubt some Sagittarians do as well, seeing as how they treat their bodies carelessly at times, for example, imbibing 4 times the amount of the recommended Nyquil dose when cold and flu season is afoot. And refusing to stop smoking even when the phlegm is rainbow-brite and ever plenty.

Example One (and there may only be one tonight). Let’s say our Sadge male has a water Moon! Well, this water Moon would swim nicely with the Cancer lady’s Sun! And let’s say perhaps that this Cancer lady has a fire Moon or an air Moon! Or even an earth Moon or a water Moon! Sagittarians tend to be open minded 😉

Seriously though, never look only at the Sun when evaluating a potential love connection. There’s more that lies beneath the surface: entire worlds!

Okay. One more example, myself as an example. I am Cancer Sun/Virgo Rising and I’ve got Sagittarius on my 4thHouse. Isn’t that lovely? A Sadge guy is going to feel like home to me. Is going to BE my home. Who cares what growing up was like, what childhood was like, what everything up until age 40 and a half was like. If you find someone who touches your 4th House? Well, move in! Take root! LOVE THEM.

Note to self: awwwwwww

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