Cancers Look Back!

"moon in cancer"

I’ve been tweeting up a storm tonight. Cancer this, Cancer that. Sun in Cancer is my time. Can’t help it. 🙂

And then in the comments, a young lady with some mucho Air in her chart mentioned that her Venus in Cancer is always “looking back” and a light went on!

That’s EXACTLY it. That right there is one of the insidious challenges of BEING Sun or Moon or Venus or maybe even Mars in Cancer. YOU GET STUCK. You keep looking back, holding on, and you do the dance of “If only…”

The Cancer clings… to the past, to the future. The Cancer can make her or his home almost anywhere but the present. Or so it seems.

What can possibly UNSTICK a STUCK Cancer? 

You know what? I’m not going to answer this question now. I’m going to let the answer simmer. We’ve got the Sun, the Moon, and Mercury in Cancer so let’s see what bubbles up to the surface 🙂

Do you know the answer? Share your thoughts!

Love, Mama MP

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