Cancer The Crab Carries Its Home On Its Back


How will Cancer fare when it joins the cardinal family T-Square to make a Grand Cross? As I write this, Mercury in Cancer is at 0 degrees, Saturn is at 10 Libra, Uranus is 4 Aries, and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn at 6.


It will fare sensitively. Weeping may occur. Seclusion. The desire to return home. Or to the womb. Same thing? Escapism to rival the best of Pisces.

"Mercury in Cancer"
Cancer the Crab

Other options include the high side of Cancer: nurturing self and other. Food, feeding, resting, suckling, comforting, holding, supporting, carrying. Make your house your home. Themes of mothering and setting up camp in the midst of change and pressure. Nap often. Cancer is smart. It knows when to retreat.

When you carry your home on your back, you can go everywhere, even when you don’t want to go anywhere.

So as Mercury in Cancer crawls along and the Grand Cross perfects, remember you can… bake about it or talk mysteriously about it or Tarot about it or… whatever you want. Cancer makes you feel at home.

Today’s heresy: Cancer really is the heart. Sorry Leos! Cancer is the mother, the heartbeat of the mother, the life, and I think that’s what I’m going to listen to this month as we consider the next eclipse, the new moon, in the sign of Cancer.

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