Cancer Scorpio Compatibility, Part 2

"Cancer Scorpio Compatibility"
from my play BLOOD

Recently I wrote a blog post about Cancer Scorpio INcompatibility but the truth is, this match can work. Just like any of the pairings in the Zodiac can work.

But I wanted to write another post about it in case I inadvertently discouraged anyone out there, any little crabs or scorpions with a heartache or hard-on for their fellow sea creature. 

What inspired me was coming home today and looking on my wall and seeing some stills from a play of mine, a short play, about a matador and a dancer.

In real life, one of the actors is a Cancer and the other, a Scorpio, both women. Also, in real life, in the theatre world, people tend to just say “actor” for men or women. None of his “actressy” stuff, you know?

I attended many of the rehearsals and at some point astrology must have come up in conversation 🙂 and that was when I discovered their Sun signs. And I was thrilled.

The Scorpio, the matador, I knew could go deep, just like the character. She asked great questions, always probing, trying to get to the bottom of the character’s motivations. And the Cancer woman felt everything so deeply and also got frustrated deeply when she felt she wasn’t “there” yet. She was sensitive, joking, self-protective, even skittish at times.

And the two of them together? They brought my words, my world, to life, and oh was I sad when the run ended, as it had to.

Whether the partnership works out in the end or not, I think these two signs are always drawn to each other, they recognize each other’s power which is the power of… authenticity.

Security-minded, self-protective, Cancer and Scorpio can secure each other, protect each other, make family, have great sex… 🙂

Oh God I am about to share another memory (so Cancerian of me) but I can’t resist. At my mother’s funeral (she was a Scorpio), her longtime Cancer lover threw a bouquet of red roses on her casket as it descended. This was a Jewish funeral and… such things aren’t done at Jewish funerals but… to make a long (and complicated) story short, there was some kind of unbreakable bond there, despite… everything. And I’ll save the Story of Everything for another time 🙂

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