Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility: Part ? Of An Infinite Series

"sun in sagittarius"
ready for the eclipse?

(Re-posting this in honor of the Sun in Sagittarius)

Because it’s such a harsh sky out there, and because we’re all under it, I decided to try to write something light. And then couldn’t think of anything. So instead I’ll write about my love life ūüėČ

My boyfriend is a Sagittarius with too many water placements and women like him. A lot. I am a sensitive Cancer Sun (with Moon Pluto conjunct in House 1) and I also like him. A lot.

Here is a warning for you sensitive girls who are interested in firey boys: do not conjure what you cannot put down.

See, I conjured up my boyfriend. ¬†I was having a Tarot reading with¬†Lupa¬†and the reading was stark and there came a point, a painful point, when she suggested¬†I use ritual to help get over a past love. Because even the cards and her comforting words weren’t enough. We had to go above. It worked.

But back to my point about¬†the Sagittarius male. If you decide to go this route or if one lands in your lap, which tends to happen, I suggest you find one with a goodly amount of water (and some earth) because¬†the Sagittarius male¬†is randy and roaming and horny and, well, they¬†like¬†whores. I mean they like whores, strippers, burlesque performers, B-movie actresses, gyrating pole dancers, cheerleaders. They really like cheerleaders. They like women. Of a certain…¬†ilk.

So maybe you’re like me. A bit more Frida than Diego. A bit more Batman than Joker. It could work but it will¬†be¬†work. I don’t mean to suggest that you have to¬†reign in the horse, that’s a topic for another day. What I¬†do¬†mean is that¬†Cancer¬†(water) is sensitive and¬†Sagittarius¬†can be… how to put it… well, they are half-beast. And half-beast means not fully human ūüėČ

The¬†inconjunct, especially if by degree, will scare off many potential young lovers, but…¬†Doesn’t every Sadge want a little crab of his own?

The truth that nobody talks about:¬†Sagittarius wants to be entertained, and Cancer can provide Sagittarius with more¬†entertainment¬†than¬†Ringling, more than all the hookers, all the cheerleaders, all the burlesque dancers,¬†and¬†strippers in the Whole Wide World. Yup, one torrential mood swing alone can have ’em hooked for life ūüėČ

And¬†Sagittarius¬†needs¬†Cancer. Why? To make them smile!¬†Somebody¬†has to. To quote the late great Elizabeth Bishop, “Somebody loves us all.”¬†

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