Can You Read Your Own Chart?

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is your life like a Chekhov play?

But what I mean specifically is whether you can predict for yourself.

Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t. Not bad odds, I guess. And sometimes I don’t even try. And sometimes I get a feeling and then look for it in the chart and I am getting a feeling that my life this year is going to be like a Chekhov play which is better than my life being like a Beckett play. Vanya not Godot.

With Tarot though… I’m a loss at reading for myself. I can see the basics, maybe, but I can’t interpret. Too much wishful thinking.

But with the chart? Yeah. Sometimes it’s clear to me. And when in doubt? Binge eat. You always get the answers then — especially if it involves popcorn or chocolate or peanut butter. Joking.

Tonight I decided to use the time-honored technique of distraction (from intense emotions) and decided to take a break from my Netflix watching and catch up with some popcorn in the kitchen and that was when I felt it: Uncle Vanya NOT Endgame and not knowing how exactly it will play out but that it will be an interesting year when Pluto enters my 5th House. And Uranus goes direct and heads to my 8th. And Neptune conjuncts my 7th House cusp. See, I have very little action in these houses in my natal but now? They are alive. And Jupiter? Will be in my 10th when it’s Gemini-time.

These are the Other People houses.

So that’s two questions for ya: where are your transits? And can you predict what they will mean? 

And thanks everyone for your beautiful comments.

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