Can You Get What You Want If You Don’t Know What You Want?

My gut reaction is:  no, you can’t. But actually I’m not so sure. It just takes longer. More trial and error.

Many of us, especially those with earth-heavy charts, don’t know anything until we experience it. I’m pretty sure that’s what Miss X (name changed to protect the innocent) was saying as well. She knows what she does NOT want… once she has it.

Miss X has a packed 7th House. Cancer. Prominent, angular Venus. So she CAN draw in. She has a big extended family and plenty of friends so she’s not hurting for social interaction and opportunity to do a fair amount (if not more) of Cancerian nurturing and Virgo Mooning.

But as I wrote yesterday, she is having a Jupiter transit to her 7th House. THE OPPORTUNITY IS HERE, NOW. Jupiter goes direct on Thursday. (Jupiter = original ruler of Pisces and thus also associated with the 12th House. I have a point to make here. Read on. But first one more digression.)

This reminds me of my sister. I am always telling her where the opportunity is and she’s always saying WHERE? WHERE? as one more sails by. Perfection is not the same as opportunity. Miss X has a Virgo Moon. The guidance can only point you in the right direction, or TRY to. The guidance can’t make you open your eyes and hear the Divine, the still small voice.

Miss X has her North Node in the 12th House. Hard to get to. No wonder she can’t hear it. There’s a little nightlight over there and not much more.

This Venus is conjunct her descendent. This Venus is conjunct Mercury and Saturn. Also square Pluto. And inconjunct Neptune. Aha! Dare she dream? Neptune in the 12th House. Dreams died young. She learned NOT TO.

I don’t consider this a bad Venus at all.  I do consider this a Venus who can get what she wants (which is what Venus is supposed to do!). Is it too easy? Did Miss X become bored? Only because she wasn’t chasing her dream. The dream she cannot access. Because of natal Neptune in the 12th House.

This is a 7th House problem compound by a Neptune problem. See, she COULD get it, if only she knew what it was. SHE MUST STOP OUTSOURCING HER NEPTUNE. No wonder she can’t feel/find Neptune. It’s locked up in there! Tracy Marks says we project our 12th House, similar to what we do with the 7th. Will the real Miss X please stand up? Who is she really, outside of other people? Does she exist then? Of course she does. But the chart makes it difficult!! The 12th House is who we are when we are alone. Alone-alone.

So I wouldn’t feed this Venus or starve this Venus per se — I would this Venus on a journey. Jupiter transit remember! Take this Venus Mercury Saturn conjunction to the 12th House for an extended stay but also let Neptune out of there. Open the window. EXPLORE (another Jupiter keyword). Let Neptune out (get to know your dreams and fantasies which you lost, which had to be hidden so long ago).

And really they amount to the same thing — it’s just two approaches here to try. Going in or going out.

Love, MP


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