Can You Contain A Wildfire? Mars Conjunct Pluto, November 10th

"mars conjunct pluto in capricorn" Was looking at my little book today, looking at November 10th.

Mars will conjoin Pluto in Capricorn.
Moon in Cancer will oppose.
Uranus in Aries will square.

And then there are the NODES! In Libra and Aries — so yes we have a Grand Cross. 

Mars conjoining Pluto in and of itself would be an aspect to… acknowledge. To RESPECT.

Can you contain a wildfire?
Can you harness a tornado?

This aspect (Mars Pluto), this DAY, makes me think of something I was reading — about Santeria — the caballo:

I am quoting now from a website (

caballo. Literally, horse. This term is used to describe the person who is possessed by an Orichá during a trance. The Orichá mounts a human being and uses him or her as a medium to communicate with others in the room.

Are you a wildfire? Are you a tornado? Are you a horse?

You WILL find out on November 10th.

We cannot control nature. Nature is unstoppable. I’d say Mars Pluto (especially in a Cardinal Grand Cross!!) is unstoppable too.

Funny I am trying to read my notes back to finish this post and the grammar is a bit odd, but I like it:

it has ways it must destroy and no we can’t always understand why nature or Pluto does what it does.

Mars Pluto is rage. Contained-waiting-to-strike rage or explosive-get-the-fuck-out-of-their-way rage. And YES I think the Pluto in Scorpio generation handles this energy WAY better than Pluto in Leo or Pluto in Virgo (just to name two examples).

Your rage will wake up that weekend. Your rage will hit its target on the 10th. And thus the volcano.

Are you a volcano?
Are you a horse?
Are you a goddess?
Are you angry?
Are you an angry goddess?

I suggest you plan for this day, plan ahead for this day. Try to stay out of harm’s away. Perhaps even avoid the people who trigger you because you cannot contain a fire or a tornado or a volcano or the rage of Mars Pluto opposed by EMOTIONAL Cancer and unpredictable Uranus and the Nodes of Fate… think of the Nodes of of Fate as your Gatekeeper Guardians, there to keep you safe! Yes! But they are caught up in this mess too! So they aren’t as objective and helpful as usual 🙂

There is more I want to say, about FEMALE RAGE in particular, and that I will save for the Private Blog — my messages of Liberation — as Uranus and Pluto aspect my Sun.

Very interesting babies born this day, verrrry interesting!

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