Can I Get Some Fries With That? The Gemini Scorpio Combo


"new moon in scorpio 2011"
Ann Jillian has Moon in Gemini!

I see this combination pretty often lately and it never fails to amaze me. I see it it clients. Β I see it in friends. I see it in the sky! Today!

We’ve got Venus and Mercury in Scorpio and the Moon in Gemini.

Now this is pretty textbook stuff: Gemini is social and flirty and fun, and Scorpio is, well, Scorpio. Not just the sex/regeneration sign but the DEATH sign.

So what happens when you find both these signs in ONE person? You deal πŸ˜‰

You need to feed both, Gemini’s hunger for information and Scorpio’s hunger for control.

You may think these two energies can’t live together. You may think these two energies would only lead to, um, confusion, so to speak, with Scorpio needing to manipulate and Gemini needing to tell a story.

But there’s more! What we find here, what we can find here, is a good-time girl with depth! Or death πŸ˜‰

She may have 3 cell phones but she’s got a close friend at the end of every line.

Gemini lightens up the Scorpio serious face. Β And Scorpio bring stability to the Gemini buzz buzz buzz.

And you? Do you have a weird combo in your chart?

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