Can Good Things Still Happen? The Stars Today

Was telling the girls in the room (and our one boy) how happy I am that it’s gloomy today. Cloudy, gloomy. Did I mention gloomy? No guilt for staying in. Turn up the music, get to work. The Moon’s in Leo. Have fun whatever you do 🙂


Goodbye Aries goodbye. The Sun enters Taurus tomorrow, Friday the 19th. Mars enters Taurus the day after and Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Aries, a speedy brilliant aspect.

Mars = energy, passion. Mars entering Taurus means it is good to put your energy on Taurus people, places, and things. I want to do *something* with my hair. Taurus is Venus is beauty is luxury is comfort. Slow down. Look good. Treat yourself well. Treat yourself to a treat! I started early. Ever since Venus entered Taurus… And, yes, many of you may spend more and may enjoy spending more 🙂


Do pay attention to that Mercury Uranus (9 degrees Aries) aspect. Find it in your chart! The insights/intuitions will come fast and furious. Have pen or other device in hand and get your questions ready!

Love, MP


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