Calling Your Energy Back + Venus Of Rose Petal

"venus in leo retrograde" Someone saved my life tonight.
That Elton John song.

I felt it about a week ago when a friend gave me an impromptu psychic reading.

She was drawing cards around a job interview I’d had and instead of seeing job related stuff, “my stuff” came up in the reading and she had something to say!

One of the things she said: call your energy back, bit by bit. 

I asked where she’d got this phrase. I’d never heard it. She couldn’t remember. I looked on line of course, all kinds of links available, but truth is I knew what she meant right away and I didn’t need guidance (i.e. articles to read although perhaps in the future I will) and I started calling my energy back that night. 

I called my energy back from all corners of the apartment. I walked from room to room, corner to corner. I talked to the house, to myself. I called my energy back from all kinds of people and… I found this to be a very powerful, visceral practice. I recommend it if you are feeling scattered, exhausted, sick, drained.

My energy was everywhere but where it needed to be: in me. 

"venus in leo retrograde" Venus on my mind has led me to open up a book I’ve barely peeked through: the Encyclopedia of Goddesses and Heroines by Patricia Monaghan, PhD. She passed away in 2012 and was an Aquarius! Thank you for writing this beautiful book, Dr. Monaghan.

Of course I decided to look up Aphrodite (Greek Goddess of Love) and Venus (Roman counterpart) and it struck me how… Aprhodite’s story is far juicier than the Venus tales we tell in astrology.

Some choice phrases from Monaghan:

-this goddess of sexuality unites bodies in PASSION
-under her influence, lovers saw each other suffused with radiance
-Scholars claim she is a Greek incarnation of the goddesses of sex, Inanna and Ishtar.

Which reminds me (and this is me talking, not the Professor): I had blogged about this some years ago. That Venus (in astrology) actually has far more to do with SEX than we usually give her credit. Even in my previous blog post I made the usual distinction: Mars = Sex. Venus = Love (and Romance).

More from Monaghan:

-Aphrodite had innumerable lovers. Although her husband was Hephaestus… she spread her favors liberally among divine and mortal males.

-she carried arrows or darts to pierce hearts and chains to bind lovers together.

-her sacred plants: myrtle, rose, apple, poppy

"venus in leo" AND of course there is more, including a section on Inanna who is not only associated with fertility and grain and the evening star, but also WAR. Comparative mythology is about as fascinating as it gets so I encourage you to Google away!

For my little witches, for your rituals: the following oils/herbs/foods are associated with love


And for lust? Clove again but also cinnamon, musk, vanilla (Cunningham Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs)

To attract love:

bleeding heart, bloodroot, beet, cherry, leek, licorice, lime, mandrake, lovage, love seed, orchid, papaya, willow, quince, plum.

Partial lists of course!

You can design rituals for all different stages of Venus’ descent this summer or I can help you figure it out 🙂 Magick brought out the beauty of my Venus. I’d already embodied the Venus of War, of Sex, of Devotion, but the Venus of Rose Petal had yet to emerge.

(By the way, the picture above is model Tess Holliday. Whenever I tried to caption the photo, it would move. Weird. Mercury retrograde!) 

If you are feeling brittle, if you are feeling cold, if you are feeling loveless and lonely, I think this summer’s Venus in Leo transit, including the retrograde, is warm remedy for you.

Venus in Leo’s heart welcomes you. What will you do to honor the Goddess? 

"venus in leo retrograde"

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