Calling All Angels: Jupiter In Leo In The 12th House

"jupiter in leo" A gal in one of the chat rooms asked this question:

“When your life is in a state of flux, how far ahead do you look for direction?”

And I wasn’t quite sure what she meant. So I asked. And she meant TIME. Days? Weeks? Months? YEARS? How long? How far ahead?

It’s a good question and I’m wondering what you guys think. Please share your thoughts in the comments on my Facebook Timeline.

She talked about running charts for her Solar Return, Mars Return, Jupiter Return, and more. Making sense of all the charts over the next few months.

And I started to think of my approach. What I would do. I would look at a single transit chart. A single transit chart for right now. Today. Because that would show me short term and long term transits. What the problems are and from where the help will come. And I’d look at the Solar Return. And I’d look at the Eclipses. And then for specific questions, I’d go farther ahead in time, if needed, looking for that elusive haystack needle or eye of tiger.

I’ve got Jupiter in Leo on my mind too as I write this. Thinking of “from where the help will come” and that’s Jupiter. That you continue to have faith (even stupidly) when things appear most bleak. Jupiter will be heading to my 12th House next month and I expect to grow in faith and angels. By the way, if you know of any spare angels looking for work, please let me know. I’ve got a job for them 🙂

Sometimes I think I would go anywhere just to feel safe and stable (yes, we’re looking for a new apartment). Good luck with that I tell myself. Stable doesn’t mean what it used to, not with Uranus square my Sun. It’s poignant here now. We’re leaving. Each day is one of the last. So we need new meanings, new definitions, for stable. New meanings, new definitions for “in a state of” and for “flux” and for “how far ahead” and for “direction” and for YOUR LIFE.


Thanks, lady, for the great question.

Love, MP

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