Breathe: Moon In Aquarius

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Uranus breaks. Saturn builds. These two planets rule Aquarius and the Moon is in Aquarius today.

Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury (according to the amazing Isabel Hickey). Mercury is the mind/words/writing, and Uranus? Intuition, which I believe is related to Inspiration and, thus, the breath.

This is elementary but how easy it is to forget: the breath.

And when people die, when people stop breathing, that’s when I realize they are never coming back. Until then? There is hope. (Aw, hell, for my chart even after they die I still hope they’ll walk in the door.)

Last night my mind was like a bad t.v. with a possessed channel changer and every channel was something I did not want to see. When I remembered to switch my attention to my breath, when I asked myself, “how will I ever get through this” — That’s when I finally remembered and finally fell asleep.

The Moon in Aquarius sextiles the Sun in Sagittarius now: you can detatch. You can observe. You can be free. You can be happy like a scientist with a new toy but understand this: the toy is YOU.

Observe. Detach. 

I was writing this blog post when I was on the treadmill this morning and out the window I saw not just fall leaves but people farther out, and dogs, games of fetch.

10 of Pentacles. 

Paying attention to your breath is good medicine no matter the longing because it brings you back to yourself, away from the story you are telling yourself, the suffering you are adding by telling this story over and over and over.

I don’t have a t.v. but if I did, I would have thrown it out the window. I could not throw my mind out the window.

And when I was on the treadmill this morning, I talked to Saturn. Show me, I said. Because I don’t know anything. 

I thought I was building (Saturn). I thought I was learning (Saturn). But no. It broke (Uranus). Just in time for another Moon in Aquarius. Detatch. Observe. And breathe.

Do you relate to the Moon cycle? (And thanks all for your beautiful comments. I read them all and am grateful)

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