Breaking The Rules (+ Essential For The Witch: Meditation & Visualization)

"moon sextile uranus"
(Frida K)

Even if you are not a witch, not a magician, not spiritually concerned or inclined at all.

If you just want to relax and make your life a better place —
I recommend meditation and visualization on a regular basis i.e. a ROUTINE.
A structure. Even a loose one.
Edgar Cayce said there are as many forms of meditation as there are meditators but I am talking about something very specific here. Drawing to you what you want.

Recent Facebook posts: 

Find out what sort of THOUGHTS are draining you.
Or what behaviors. Your patterns. Pushing rock up a hill patterns.
Once you figure that out? And shift your consciousness???
And then ADD IN mediation and visualization around what you DO want?
Life improves. Shazam!
It’s not magical and yet it is.

Why visualization and meditation are so important:
because it exists “up there” before it exists down here.
If you don’t make a practice of visualization, the universe will give you some of this and some of that and some of it will fit and some of it won’t.
And you’ll often feel that you just “wound up here” without any sense of purpose or choice or clarity.
Do you know what you want?

many people feel guilty about wanting, about desiring (and they may not realize it; it’s simply an emotional pattern they have).
They feel guilty (or undeserving) getting what they want. This is why you must PRACTICE feeling good.
Yes, you heard me right.
One purpose of visualization is to practice feeling good, practice getting what you want and feeling good about it IN YOUR HEAD i.e. visualization.
As above, so below.
Create it “up there” with your imaginative forces (as Edgar Cayce taught us) so it can manifest down here.
“Worry” is this behavior in the reverse.

tefillinAbout today’s Moon Uranus sextile: 

Break a rule today 🙂
Moon in Aquarius will sextile Uranus.
Sextiles are a harmonious aspect with… “some assembly required” but we whistle while we work!
Uranus is the Liberator, Awakener, the Pioneer! And sextiles are friendly.
It feels good to be you, doesn’t it?

Does it? 


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