BREAK GLASS (In Case of Emergency) & Mercury Sextile Uranus

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Make momma MoonPluto look good, y’all 🙂 

I’m excited about this. Excited about reaching more people, getting a fun dialogue going over there about all things Tarot. 

So yesterday in one of the chat rooms we were talking about major life changes, major life-changing transits and how we can feel stuck in our roles — the roles given to us by culture and family.

And that phrase came to mind: IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS.
Because that’s how it feels.
That’s how it feels to feel trapped and NEEDING to get out. Life can’t continue as is. We come to consciousness. But not really sure how to break free and then BANG SMASH!!!!

I can’t recall now the transits this one woman is having, not all of them, except for Saturn conjunct her IC and Saturn making a t-square to her Venus and Moon. And maybe that’s enough 😉

But it’s more than just a list of transits.
What she has to break through “appears” to be unbreakable.
The truth is that she CAN bang smash through it. And she doesn’t know what’s on the other side. Who she can become. Except that she has to do this work. SHE HAS TO BECOME.


The Stars for May 15th:

Moon will enter Sagittarius in the wee hours so if you feel out of sorts (frazzled, emotional, at your wits end!) as so often happens under Full Moons or even under Scorpio Moons, the Sag mood will lighten your load.

Sagittarians smile more. Ever notice this?

What I also like about this day is something I mentioned before:

I LIKE VENUS CONJUNCT URANUS SQUARE PLUTO but what I like even better are the Mercury sextiles to Venus Uranus. EXCELLENT FOR WRITERS AND WRITING and brainstorms and thinking outside the box and… you are just traveling traveling traveling faster than the speed of light now so WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN.

Mercury can inconjunct Pluto all he wants 😉 doesn’t bother me. Just means you have to make room for both, as always. For the deep end and the crazy information flow. I’m seeing a water slide in my mind with all kinds of twists and turns and mouthfuls of water and words. But you got this 🙂

As for the love transits, as for Venus and her friends, I consider this an expedited healing of HEART, expedited discovery of truth, and the tension comes from the ALL OF A SUDDEN quality. The stalemate and then the rush. And yeah, there may be some DRAMARAMA in your circle but you’re clever, you’re cute, you’re swift, you’re Mercury in Gemini sextile Venus and Uranus! YOU GOT THIS.

When in doubt, WRITE IT OUT.

Got it? 

Love, MP


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