Break And Change: Pluto Square Uranus

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

Does the teacher teach the student or does the student teach the teacher? It works both ways, right?

Today I met with my new teacher and it was better than the first time. Much better. I prepared the right way although I was still nervous. I relaxed though, once I was there.


What are your thoughts about the phrase “comfort zone” and going beyond your comfort zone. Does it mean anything to you? Have you done it? Have you pushed yourself and kept going?

It is an uncomfortable experience. Unpredictable too. Is this how we grow? By choosing to be uncomfortable?

There was a moment today when I was gonna cry and I said it. I felt the tears welling up. Just a little.

I forget what he said. Maybe he said “Don’t do that.” And he sounded human ๐Ÿ˜‰ย as though there was no need to cry. I know he’s got something to teach me. But what will I teach him? I don’t know yet.

And then I transformed my tears. I got mad. I got quiet and I got mad. I’m not talking anymore I said. And I think after that moment, I worked better, harder, more focused. Turning that sensitivity into a different kind of strength. Focus.


I relate this story to Mars in Virgo entering my 1st again but also to my Jupiter transit, Jupiter in my 9th Houseย i.e. PERSPECTIVE BIG PICTURE DISCARDING THE LIMITS, preparing me, I believe (Jupiter keyword!) for Jupiter’s transit to my 10th. The 9th, 10th, and 11th Houses are Big Houses. Jupiter likes being there.

Jupiter in the 9th Houseย is asking: who is the teacher? What is being taught? You cannot go wrong with strength training and I am talking about INNER strength.

This experience with my new teacher, and it’s only been twice so far, is chipping away at my… I can feel it... it’s chipping away at some of my…


Is it only through the body, through DOING, that we can skin away this layer of not living?

Going beyond one’s comfort zone. Is that Mars? Pluto? Pluto is our transformation planet. Hell, I think I had the entire solar system with me today in that room.


So that’s this evening’s ponderance ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you EVER do what you are afraid of?

Do you know what you’re afraid of?

Do you push yourself? What makes you push yourself?

How frustrated do you have to get… to slip out of your inertia and into something else, something that BEATS and is alive, as alive as you, but you forgot, or you never knew, what being alive felt like in the first place.

And oh yes please do find transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto in your chart. They are squaring now and it’s only going to get tighter and it’s RIGHT HERE.

Yeah. Right there. In the heart of that square. Pay attention, okay? Because there’s life outside these walls.


Love, MP

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