Blood Story For The Full Moon In Virgo


I am hungry for so much. I am one of the passionate ones.

And I could talk to you about Saturn going retrograde and the last Uranus Pluto square and the Eclipses AND I WILL.

But first I want to talk about hunger. I am hungry to bleed.

My moon cycle is late and the last time it disappeared like this was the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius when overexercise turned into a kind of anorexia and this morning I was thinking that my body is hungry. My body is TOO HUNGRY to release.

For many women, there is a “normal abnormal” — cycle fluctuations, no matter the age but especially this age, mid-life, for me. So I made an acupuncture appointment (which is calling in the big guns) for next week and fingers crossed. He is very potent needle-smith. Drew cards for this. VERY good cards.

And as I type here I have that heavy tired feeling. Will it come? Is it coming? When will it come. My friend, my old friend. Don’t go yet. I still need you.


I was trying to explain it to a man.

Which is the start to a stand-up routine.

But seriously–

He asked: is it just psychological.

I told him no.

I mean, it IS psychological, emotional, hormonal, physical, SPIRITUAL.

All of me is involved in this process. Who am I if I am not my blood? That which is released, over and over, each Moon in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and then the cycle of nourishment and release begins again. 

Since I was a young girl – a young girl – 12 – I have bled every month without fail (except for that time period I mentioned above). It’s hard to put into words my confusion in this state of un-flow.

So about this Full Moon in Virgo, in my 1st House, conjunct my natal moon (widely) which is a health house, and Virgo being a health sign, concerned with wellness, wellbeing and order and detox and POISON, I have just this one intention, desire. To get my body back on Virgo Moon track. Full Moons are oppositions though. Order vs. Chaos. Virgo vs. Pisces. Analysis vs. KNOWING. Intellect vs. Feeling.  Work vs. Rest, Sleep, & Dreams. 6th House of daily routine vs. 12th House of.. we’re all just a bunch of star fish here swimming along swimming along swimming along in the solitude of this magnificent library housing the Akashic Records and…

Is my life calling to me? My life is always calling to me. And yours is to you — to pay attention, listen, to the body. How much stress are you **really** under? You don’t even notice how much. Full Moon in Virgo is a Full Moon in Body. Maybe you need to LIVE differently. Maybe your OLD Virgo ways need to be released and you need NEW Virgo ways. Virgo ways that bring in the Pisces side. Yes yes yes I know the Pisces in your life are maniacs too but I am talking archetypes here, ideals.

Friends, Star Lovers, I wish you a beautiful magical FULL Full Moon in Virgo, the sign of the witch and the midwife and all helpers everywhere. 

May you receive the help you need.