Blog News PLUS Full Moon in Pisces CRAY

photo-15So this is what I’m thinking — I will do one (or two?) blog posts per week that remain free to the public — but I plan to make the bulk of my writing for SUBSCRIBERS only now. Just letting you know.

I dismantled my subscription service earlier this year when I got the Beliefnet blog because it got to be toooo much but I am going to bring my SUBSCRIPTION service back and better than ever. MORE access to me and my writing. The Beliefnet blog though will still be free! Long as I still have the job. And that’s where I put most of my Tarot thoughts these days (and YES the class is on and YES you can join us still because it’s all of September. Just let me know and I’ll email you cost and details)

The good news for you is that there are plenty of astrology blogs on the web for you to peruse, as well as YouTubers of course. However, if you are addicted to me and my writing, you’ll have to join my harem 😉

Thinking I’ll have different levels of subscription as well… and I hope to get started this month. And if it’s a big disaster then I may go back to all-free, but we’ll see! The archives will remain open.

This week is a f**king bear. And I know you know that. We’re under a Full Moon conjunct Chiron and Mercury square Pluto today and I’ve already had one outburst this morning 🙂 and someone blocked me last night on Facebook after assuming I was insulting them. Fun! And the Moon enters Aries tonight? PLEASE SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!

We REALLY don’t need Pluto and Uranus and Mercury in Libra jacked up any more than they already are. CARDINAL PEEPS TAKE NOTE HIGH ALERT FOR MOOD SWINGS OUTBURSTS AND GENERAL CRAY. This Aries Moon is my 8th House so I am going to start taking my own advice right now and take a chill pill, which for me these days is exercise. No xanax needed!

Wednesday is not only emotionally intense but confusing with Venus opposing Neptune. See, the Full Moon brought clarity (brings clarity) but the Neptune jazz fogs things up again. You know what I’d do if I were you? I’d IGNORE the Pisces House in your chart this week. Just IGNORE IT. Because you won’t find answers there anyway. Or the answers will be a maze. Neptune won’t mind.

Mercury sextile Jupiter in Leo: the ideas keep coming. Make a list for later VIRGO SEASON
Sun sextile Saturn in Scorpio: this is your week’s saving grace. I know you feel scrambled. I know you feel fucked up but Sun sextile Saturn keeps your eyeballs from falling out of your head 🙂 Stitching. Stitching up all your stuffing. Nothing falls out. You can lean. And you don’t fall down. (And if you want another metaphor, you’ll have to wait for next time!)

ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST (and I will cover the weekend in a few days). And when I say all hope is not lost I do not promise you that your relationship will recover or that your house will get sold tomorrow or that your hemorrhoid will stop bleeding. I only promise you that ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST. (If you subscribe I promise not to talk about hemorrhoids. Unless you want me to.)

Love you guys xo

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