Big Papa, Big Mama, And Cancer Season Beginnith Truly

We’re mid-week in the Big City and I had so many thoughts about the rest of this week and the sky in general, I’m not sure where to start.

Let’s go day by day.

Thursday, June 20th: Moon is still in Scorpio.

In my chat room this morning I made a joke (sort of a joke) about how my next class should be a getting comfortable with the reality of death class.

Instead of a Venus/love problem class.

And then I thought hmm why not both. They are connected. Love and death!

So Scorpio is the undertaker in your life and continues her visitation tomorrow although going void of course in the afternoon. I felt pretty intense today and assume more of the same tomorrow. Don’t even try to skate on the surface. You’ll wind up feeling sick for missing the REAL action just below.

Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice (using West Coast timing here) and the Sun enters Cancer, the sign of mother, home, family, the breast, the nipple, the suckle, the food, the memory.

Mercury is conjunct Venus in Cancer as well.

Now I could say: this is sweet for water signs. And I could say: this will make us all feel a little more… sensitive or psychic or self-protective or wanting to cook up a storm (not me) or make a nest but basically YMMV (your manifestation may vary) πŸ™‚

Transits can be revelations. Inside. They aren’t always lottery wins, new jobs, break-ups, etc. You know this.

Friday, the Moon enters bouncy pouncy Sagittarius THANK GOD and then on Sunday the Moon is FULL to bursting in the early degrees of Capricorn, the Boss. Who’s in charge of you?

Other stuff on my mind: being continually reminded that Black Moon Lillith has just entered Cancer and joins Jupiter in trining Saturn and Neptune (Jupiter enters Cancer on the 25th).

Time (i.e. from summer 2013 to summer 2014) to (re)define or (re)explore your family i.e. do you have one. Do you want one. What about your old one? Time to reconnect. Or consider reconnecting. See family in a new way. Have you been lonely. Where are your peeps. Reconnect. Or add on!

My Uncle called me the other day. I love him. We rarely speak. I think I’ll start calling him regularly. He was never that great at that. That’s my family for ya. There may be love but do we speak? I want to speak more.

“Get your family on” is what Jupiter in Cancer + Black Moon Lillith in Cancer feels like to me. Ceres and Vesta are on their way out of the sign. Lillith is this year’s bride πŸ™‚ and I don’t mean to imply that Lillith is bright sprite energy, no. But in this she’s a good match for philandering bigger is better Jupiter πŸ˜‰ Taming him? Maybe.

To be continued…

Love, MP


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