Big Grace: Venus Opposing Jupiter

Friday night and I’m making sprouted lentils. Always a party in MoonPlutoLand 😉 and today, thanks to Twitter, I wound up watching a live  lecture by John Van Auken (Edgar Cayce scholar and head of the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach) on the Mayan Prophesy and then, of course, like a good kitten, I went in search of other awesome Van Auken talks.

Thus I found him explaining “grace,” a word I happen to love:

“… when you are practicing what we call ‘the fruits of the spirit’ then they actually give you a little space, a little time in which the law of action and reaction (i.e. karma) is suspended while you try, while you attempt to change, while you attempt to become a better person. You get a break… And that’s another form of grace that comes upon us.”

I got fascinated by the idea of the “break” and wondered about astrological analogies.

Do the retrograde periods of planets correspond to these breaks? When Saturn seems to go backwards in the sky, is that a “grace period?” We tend not to think of it that way. We get frustrated. Planets not behaving at full power, full speed. We humans just want to advance!

But apparently grace is available. And, it seems to me, needed.

I then wondered about certain transits in and of themselves being breaks from having to meet our karma. For example, any trines you may encounter 🙂 Or Jupiter himself in whatever house he’s transiting. Like the lotus. A flower growing out of the slime and ooze.

And then there’s Neptune. Neptune (making my own correspondence here) is The Hanged Man. He smiles. Infused with holy purpose? Maybe. Trying to become a better person? Could be. We just don’t know yet. But he’s not meeting his karma upside down like that. He’s waiting.

I bring this idea of grace to you this evening just because I think it’s beautiful, and as I was writing this morning, I did experience an expansion of consciousness. Makes sense with Venus (who rules physical grace and beauty) applying in opposition to Jupiter. Big grace 🙂

What’s your definition of karma? Of grace? 



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