BIG DAY July 22nd: Sun Enters Leo, Aquarius Full Moon and MORE

Big day big day big day!

-Mars (sex) conjunct Jupiter (BIG) in Cancer in the wee hours (on the 21st) trining Saturn (longevity) and Neptune (candlelight). Yes tonight and into tomorrow is good for ROMANCE and um “other stuff.”

-Venus enters VIRGO, the sign of the SERVANT, helper, healer, self-improvement goddess

-Sun enters LEO, proud, loving and loyal cool cat! Leo rules the theatre. Time to SING AND DANCE! 🙂

-And the FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS doing all kinds of interesting things including a YOD (if you allow me to be liberal with my orbs). Venus in Virgo will be sextile Mars and Jupiter in Cancer (the sextile creates stability). Aquarius and Cancer inconjunct. So what we have here is… a “problem” and a portal but the portal is less mystical actually and more Earth School than you might think.

Aquarius “does what it wants anyway” and so does Cancer actually. One ruled by thought and the other ruled by feeling. Both are more stubborn than most give credit. Still, Aquarius wants to understand Cancer by mind and Cancer always eludes Aquarius with one more feeling moment that resists decoding.

Thus tomorrow’s energy in a nutshell is this: don’t force understanding. Let it be. Let it speak to you. Feel your way.

Full Moons bring LIGHT and REVELATION though so please share in the comments your hopes and insights.

And yes I am predicting the next 24 hours as GOOD FOR SEX 🙂

Love, MP


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