Betty Draper And The Upcoming Cardinal T-Square

"mars in libra"No one could ever be happy with surface only, right? Happy with eyeshadow? Besides the fact that I don’t give a fuck about eyeshadow. Never did. And not that there’s anything wrong with eyeshadow 🙂 And there are great minds, great artists of this world who were very into eyeshadow. Just not me. I guess I’m not so multi-faceted 😉

I keep using Betty Draper from Season One (no spoilers please!) of Mad Men as my Libra example. Perfection on the outside. HUMAN on the inside.

Mars in Libra is heading into a tangle, don’t you think? Libra opposes Aries. Libra squares Capricorn. Libra squares Cancer. Although the Sun in Cancer is no longer part of the tangle, the Cancerian energy is still there.

Mars opposing Uranus squaring Pluto, and bathed in Cancer emotions.

And I’m not really a “numbers” person but one of my clients is and I just went to look at the list of planetary degrees, thinking about Uranus at 8 and Pluto at 8 and noticed that RIGHT NOW the Moon in Pisces is also at 8 degrees.

The 8 of Pentacles dude works hard. The 8 of Swords lady (or dude) feels stuck. The 8 of Wands is moving ahead. And the 8 of Cups is leaving behind. The major arcana 8 is Strength. Strength through CHANGE. That’s what these cards say to me.

Which is easier for you? Stasis or change? 

To me these 8s feel like the process of achieving a goal or a dream. Take breaks. Stop and start. Move forward. Take a nap. Change course. Re-commit. Eat something. Action, action, action. Sometimes even feeling stuck is action, just a different kind.

Here’s my wisdom for Mars in Libra: this transit will compel you to go beyond the surface… beyond the surface of your relationship, of what you value, of where you put your energy.

Uranus will say: hey, those shoes, that goal, that MAN is so last year!

And Pluto? Pluto will make you think you need to take desperate action when actually you may need to sit still.

This energy is building now but consider the week of the 15th to be especially potent.

Cardinal t-squares generate change in our lives. The question is: are you willing?

Love, MP

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