Better Living Through Neptune

It is a cliche and possibly even a patronizing one to think of those “less fortunate” than you (however you define that) when you are feeling self-pity.

The Sun IS still in Pisces and feeling sorry for oneself is “lower vibration” Neptunian activity. The martyr, the victim.

And yet, such mind games can be helpful. Today I was in the middle of some deep concentration (my nap) and the noisy neighbor above me began stomping (i.e. walking) overhead.

It’s not psychologically painful to me, but it does give me a headache sometimes. And yes I have already spoken to the tenants upstairs… But as I resumed my deep concentration, I began to imagine those “less fortunate,” those who didn’t have a warm room, a roof, a landlord, a noisy neighbor, ears to hear, a roommate to annoy them, sanity.

I wasn’t feeling the pain of others (higher vibration Neptunian compassion). I was trying to make myself feel better.

But that’s only the first step in living. Sometimes situations have to be changed.

Mercury is direct now so I’m wondering if some of the fog is clearing in your life or if the Pisces split pea is still too thick.

This week it all begins. Once again. Aries Season. Aries is not only the beginning of the astrological New Year but the beginning of YOUR chart.

You: born that way. Be patient, my love, even when you don’t know what’s ahead.

Aries is my 8th House. What’s yours? 

Love, MP


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