Better Living Through Neptune (Part Two)

This is Day 3 of no caffeine for me and actually it’s no big deal.

I feel calmer, not headachy. I don’t miss the buzz or the desire to “get high” — yes coffee most definitely made me speedy. Even one cup a day.

I’m not having transits to my 6th House (a health house) BUT all the planets in Pisces are/were opposing my 1st House (also a health/body house).

It is a larger health situation which convinced me to give it up and I’m not totally sure yet what the result will be but thought I’d share this process with you. Maybe you’ve done something similar.

6th House people, Virgo-type people are often tinkering, tweaking their health habits, for better or worse. All body, all the time. Continual improvement. How to get the machine working better. (Or worse — for those self-destructive 6th Housers!)

Which reminds me… my previous post was about remembering those “less fortunate” and y’all know I love Frida Kahlo, particularly love photographs of her and today I was remembering the horrible accident she was in and the pain she was in and… how beautiful she looks in her pictures and the paintings she painted and clearly no matter what physical challenges she faced, she did not stop… making art or loving (from what I understand).

Everything that happens… we may not like it all, but we have to… one way to survive it is to… make up a story, make it part of our story, make it not so bad, put a pretty dress on it. Which is also a Neptune technique.

I’m not sure if my point is clear. Let me try again. Here’s another side. Sometimes my roommate will ask if such and such is flattering on her and my belief has always been… if you want to wear it, then wear it. Make it your own. Make it you. And that’s good enough because that confidence will shine. Then hope for the best. Neptune!

Love, MP


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