Being The Tree In Pisces Season

"venus square neptune"

I’ve had a crazy morning. Odd because I woke up in a good mood. Received some disturbing emails and now trying to get on with my day. There’s much to be done and a full day ahead and I’m working on my unshakeability. Be the tree. Hell, it’s not Taurus Season but I remember writing about noticing the stretchmarks on the back of my legs and feeling that they looked like tree branches. The New Moon is tomorrow in Pisces and with so many planets in Pisces at the moment, some grounding is a good idea.

Does this much water suit you?

Jupiter in Taurus sextiles Pisces so put your faith in… your faith.


PS I know it’s kind of a sad skinny tree but I’m in a hurry this morning and look: she’s still standing.

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