BEING LIBRA and The Fall Equinox

When the Sun changes signs we… reflect.

We *should* reflect.

There I said it. I used the SHOULD word.

When the Sun moves from Virgo to Libra, we look less inward and more outward.

We stop obsessing over quinoa and goji berries and instead ponder, “Hmm, what would my Beloved prefer to eat? Pop Tarts? Yes, my Love! Here they are! Fourteen boxes of them!  Why? Because I love you. Why yes, I’ll happily stow away that wheat grass powder and stock the cupboards with all your faves! Family size jar of JIF coming right up, my darling!”


Libra Season is 7th House Season is VENUS Season is RELATIONSHIP Season.


Let’s leave behind, for a moment, all those maddening and funny stories about Libran indecisiveness and oscillation and devil’s advocate and making nice and peace at any price and being a mirror for everyone else and grace and charm and beauty and place cards and how everyone thinks you are so damn fake.

I’ve worked with plenty ‘o Libra Sun, Libra Rising, Libra Moon peeps since beginning this work and yeah they are sweet (I got no problem with that!) and yeah they are nice and yeah they are tough as screws and yeah don’t cross one expecting a velvet glove because instead you will get the iron fist.

That, my friends is the Libra beneath the Libra. Smooth. Fierce.

And in Libra Season we are called to RELATIONSHIP (there’s that word again).

We are called TO RELATE.

We are called to end our loneliness with social life and welcome the fall cocktail parties and witchy equinox spell casting and crisp October weather for apple picking and lovers picking out scarves for each other and and and and and your Venus is what you DRAW TO YOU.

This is the season of attraction and the law of attraction.

Are you creating (and thus enjoying) what you desire most of all? 

My advice: know what you desire, know what you prefer and then… lay low.





Be indirect, not direct.

And, VERY IMPORTANT: show don’t tell.

See, a Libra will tell you what they want by… SHOWING you what they want!

Your job is to pay attention.

Try it 😉

Got Venus? 

Love, MP


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