Be Venus, Be Yourself!

There’s not a whole lot of flash and trash to my personality. Not a lot of surfacey baubles and jokes. I’m a quiet, serious reflective person, introspective. Always have been, yes since Day One. And I like myself just fine. I have a 1st House Pluto. Depth.

Also since Day One, people have found fault with my basic nature — too sensitive, too serious. “You need to be this, you need to be that.” Be light, be happy, be cheerful. But people are stupid ๐Ÿ˜‰ they expect MY happiness to look like theirs. They can’t fathom that the way I am is not a source of concern for me (like it is for them).

I don’t try to do or be anything. I just am. Not looking to please anyone. Empty 7th House. How you feel about this blog post doesn’t interest me thaaaaat much. If you like it, I’m thrilled. If not, eh. Whatever. I’m not an entertainer. I’m going to share my stuff and, again, if you like it? Great. Then we can talk. And I welcome you in. You get the best of me.

In the Venus and Mars class, the first week, I’ve been in charge of Venus and one thing we talk about when we talk about Venus is about VALUES. Our Venus sign and house has to do with what we value, what we consider worthwhile. And then the aspects can show how easy it can be to manifest… a beautiful life.

Well, guess what? My Venus in the 12th values meditation, solitude, reflection, the mystical.

There’s more to it than that but the point of this blog post is another Venus value. Venus, generally speaking, values love. And if you don’t love yourself and KNOW what you love, and respect it… you’ll be that low side of Venus that we talk about, the self-less one. Not self-less in terms of doing for others but self-less in terms of NOT HAVING A SELF because you are so busy shape shifting and pleasing others that you forgot to become YOU.

But here’s another complication: what if pleasing others IS what you deem important most of all? Then you’re always dependent on others. You’re a mirror.

Sometimes I get snarky comments on my blog. Why do people think I will publish them? This is my space and I value it. I’m not going to throw doody on it LOL.

Anyway, my friends, do you know what you value? And do you let yourself be who you truly are no matter who (friend, lover, family) stands in your way? Argh my Venus sounds Marsy doesn’t she?


Venus is sextile Jupiter today. YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT. If only you knew what it was! Want an easy going day? BE easy going. Want a painful struggly day? Then be that. You choose!

Love, MP


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