Be Of Two Minds With The Moon In Gemini

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011"
moon in gemini! still!

Let’s play pretend. Let’s think of the Moon in Gemini as just the Moon in Gemini now — as if there weren’t any Full Moon 🙂 As if the Eclipse didn’t happen.

How would you feel? How would the Gemini Moon play in your chart? Where’s the energy in and of itself… without any heavy scary eclipsey ramifications?

Or this: find today’s Grand Trine in your chart. That’s one thing you can do: the Gemini Moon, Saturn in Libra, Neptune in Aquarius: the work (Saturn), the dream (Neptune), the HOME (Moon).

Air signs: you can think about this. You can rationalize. Use your brain. Calm down. Detatch. You can flit from one moment to the next and it all makes sense. Nothing is lost.

What do you want to build? Remember that question from when Mars entered Virgo? Don’t ask why build, but WHAT. Build WHAT. Build it in your mind first. Air signs.

So the Moon in Gemini feels its way around the chart, touching everything (Mercury rules Gem, remember), drinking, thinking, talking. The Moon in Gemini shouts her regards to the Sagittarius Sun; she’s moving on. She stops by Saturn’s house. He welcomes her. Friendlier than she remembers and she takes his tools and heads over to Neptuneland. They take a nap, dream together. It’s all ideal ‘n shit in the Grand Trine, mystic triangle.

And oh yes you will be of two minds, if not more, with the Moon in Gemini so you are more than welcome to build more than one thing, dream more than one dream and double it double it double it.

Once the Moon moves out of Gemini into Cancer we’re all grouchy again so…relax. The hard part really is over.

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