Baseball, The Tarot Nines, And The New Moon In Gemini

"new moon in gemini 2012"

What are you waiting for?

said to me by a local healer/lightworker after a group healing and meditation when he does these mini-readings and often sees/channels spirit animals and honestly I forget the context but right now I remember that he said those words to me.

This question is more painful than it seems because it implies that *you* have some control over your destiny.

So. What are you waiting for?


I couldn’t wait to get home and share with you what I learned today:

the secret and esoteric connection between the American game of baseball (Go Mets!) and the Tarot Nines and while I was sitting next to my buddy, not that far from the pitcher’s mound, for the life of me I could NOT remember the image on the 9 of Cups card.

In my mind’s eye, I could see clear as day the Connolly 9 of Pentacles and the Rider Waite and I could see the 9 of Swords and the 9 of Wands.

But what the fuckity fuck was the 9 of Cups? And why was I drawing a blank?

Let’s look now

How did I forget?! Such a happy card. The Wish card. The Wish Come True Card. In the Connolly deck, he looks like magician Doug Henning πŸ™‚

I knew I liked the Nines.

But what then is the secret esoteric connection between them and baseball?

Nine innings, nine men on the team and you know what? I had never COUNTED before.

I had never counted how many men were on the team. Never thought about it. My approach to baseball was always… poetic πŸ™‚ and 10 years ago when I first moved to NYC, I went to three Mets games alone and today went with a friend and I said to my friend: this game is completely absorbing. And it has elbow room. It’s like consciousness. You tune in, you tune out. There’s action, there’s rest. There’s High Priestess, there’s Magician. Intuition and skill.Β 

But back to the Nine:

the Major Arcana Nine is The Hermit. Solitude. Searching. Alone. Spiritual Truth. PATIENCE.

The team works together but a man is alone when he pitches or when he catches or when he bats or when he runs.

And the Nine is followed by Ten, the Wheel of Fortune which to me is a destiny card. Fated. Meant to be. Joy. Luck. Clarity. No more crossroads! You have arrived!


Every New Moon is a new start, a new chance and with a New Moon in Gemini, your new start, your new chance is DOUBLED, is tripled, is MORE.

I see this Moon as continuing your Eclipse story and continuing the Venus transit, and continuing whatever the hell is happening in your Gemini House and your Sagittarius House.

So do the work of Nine:

1. joy in solitude, be The Hermit, LEARN and KNOW.Β Figure it out. Cry if you need for Mercury in Cancer. Don’t let all that emotional energy sit inside you. It must be stirred and released. You must talk even if only to yourself. Or find guidance. But you cannot leave the issue alone. You must face it, explore it.

And then Ten:

2. set out on your path, allow your future to happen.

Spin the big wheel πŸ™‚

Again: what are you waiting for?Β 

Love, MP

And YES I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Gemini!

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