Back To Work, Back To Earth School: VIRGO SEASON

A gal in the chat room was talking about feeling crabby lately and then had a revelation. “Reality,” she said. “Virgo has arrived.”

Exactly. Sun now in Virgo. Mercury enters Virgo tonight. What do you have planned? Something, I hope. Virgo favors lists. And lists of lists. And lists of lists of lists.

I have my South Node in Virgo. Virgo Rising. Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo. Vesta in Virgo bang on my Ascendent. I am a Cancer Sun but I have, as you can see, TOO MUCH VIRGO.

I love office supply stores. I have trouble keeping the faith. I have digestive troubles. I worry obsessively. I like order in my surroundings. I analyze myself and other people. I know my body better than any doctor (or so I think with my haughty Virgo know-it-all Moon) and I have post-its of all sizes and index cards for my lists. And notebooks. Bought two new ones today. And red pens. I calculate. I keep track. I see the small picture and often miss the big despite my PROGRESSIVE LENSES.

I am Virgo hear me… organize? Hear me criticize. Hear me take you down a notch or two if only to make you see REALITY, forgetting that my reality may not be yours and may not be true for all. Although I’m often right. Often. Yes, often.

Venus is square Pluto. Love vs. Crisis. Balance and grace vs. coercion. Art vs. death. Beauty vs the asshole of hell.

Squares are INTERNAL energy. This discomfort is yours and yours alone. But remember that everyone is feeling this somewhere in their chart and some of those someones may… project, may triangulate, may try to drag you down and into their poopy dramarama quicksand. Don’t you fall for it. They want to suck you in and you don’t have to allow it.

With this energy I would… watch a movie. Some deep dark depressing intense emotionally roiling movie. Or listen to a lot of Phillip Glass. Yeah. He makes me feel on edge while putting me in my place while reminding me I’m a blood pumper i.e. still alive.

Venus square Pluto: CRISIS OF THE HEART

Is there a decision? A revision?

And what about that Mercury Neptune opposition, Moon Pluto? Yes, what about it? Facts versus fantasy. I would check the houses in your chart for all this stuff. Venus and Pluto at 9 degrees, Libra/Capricorn and then Mercury and Neptune at 4 degrees, Virgo/Pisces.

Mercury is your mind. Neptune is also your mind. The mind of the poet and associative references and no facts just feelings. An opposition is an “argument” and you win it is by NOT taking sides. The sides are the houses in your chart. You want clarity? I’m sorry but you won’t have it this weekend AND the Venus Pluto square will either be… juicy distraction or painful and swollen.

Got weekend plans?

Love, MP


The Jupiter Saturn course is underway and yes you can still join us. Matthew doing chart analysis and me your discussion leader.

The new chat room/astrology group is off to a fine start (and there is room in there for you too). 

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