Back To Life: Scorpio Season

"full moon in taurus 2011"
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(Please visit my previous post because this is Part 2.)

So during Scorpio Season you may need to say goodbye to something or someone but don’t forget that after the death comes… new life, new forms, new beginnings (as opposed to old beginnings?? Huh?)

Here’s an example, and I know I wrote about this before, but this is how astrology works. Scorpio is my 3rd House and the 3rd House has to do with writing, among other things, and Scorpio/Pluto speak of death and rebirth and here I find myself returning to a piece of writing, a full-length play, that I did believe was dead. While Mercury and Venus were transiting my 3rd, I went back to the piece (and will have a reading next month and possibly a future production lined up. We shall see.) Resurrection of writing!

And today I was on a crisis call (my crisis) and the amazing woman said to me: you’re a playwright, right? I had forgotten. I’ve been on a break. I wonder how involved I’ll be in the theatre world again. At this point: I know NOTHING.

Funny how that keeps happening: the more you experience, the more reduced to rubble you feel. Wiped clean. Nothing.  As in: I know so much, I’ve learned so much, that it’s made me stupid.  BORN AGAIN.

And there is no better time to die and be born again.  Scorpio Season. Do it before Sagittarius takes over. Get it out of your system. So you can be all bright and shiny for the holidays!  Do I sound chipper yet? 😉

Did anything resurrect for you this Scorpio Season? 

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